Our Story



Barbara Jansson sings lead and harmony and plays percussion and harmonica. She is a natural at singing songs from the fifties and sixties. The Shirelles, Shangri-Las, Chiffons, Crystals, and Ronettes are just some of her favorite groups from that time.  Barbara began her musical career at age eleven singing with her sisters at community events and then joining her first band when she was fourteen.  Barbara has been the lead singer in several New England based bands throughout her life.  She recorded her own music at Bristol Studios of Boston and then at Blue Jay Studio in Manchester to record her Christmas CD. 

Michelle Soreff LeFrancois has been singing in musicals and talent shows since the age of twelve.  More recently she is involved in spiritual music, Kirtan, meditation, drumming circles and music therapy for children.  In the 90's she worked as a studio vocalist and sang back-up and harmony for the band The Platters.  Since the age of seventeen Michelle has been a singer in several bands throughout the North Shore and New Hampshire including Night Majick, Girls Night Out, Prodigy, Brass Ring, The Riverside Project, The Trinity Experience, The Time Traveler's and more!                           

Fud loves to play those low notes. He has been doing that for quite some time. Some of the groups that he has growled and thumped in are 'Ghost', 'Mona', 'The Judy C Duo', 'The Terrestrials', The 'Harmaniacs', and 'The Girl Next Door'. 

Alton Hollister has joined the band with his melodic saxophone

Frank Germano is on guitar, vocal leads and harmonies.

Dick Gerard plays drums and adds vocal leads and harmonies.


The Jantelles give thanks to:

Bill Grillo for playing drums with the band over the past five years.

Dave Koen for his vocals, keyboard & guitar.

Will Hunt for his vocals, guitar & saxophone.

Paul Ahlstrand on saxophone.

Jared Holaday on saxophone.

Dan Sartorious on saxophone.

Marc Lorah on drums.